Wednesday, October 17, 2007

San Francisco Family Festival

Probably one of the busiest events of the year, the SF Family Festival was a huge success for the Early Literacy Initiative! The ELI team and our amazing volunteers welcomed over 10,000 participants to the event with our literacy stations and reading area. The stream of families and children was non-stop, as was the busy “All About Me” book, puppet making, puzzles and games, and parachute play! Our volunteers even had the chance to help DCYF with the ever popular jump houses, KQED with their book activities, and Tree Frog Treks with Trucker the turtle and Tiki the bearded dragon!

The crowds were relentless -- we barely had time to rest and grab a bite to eat, let alone stand the 45 minutes in line to use the restroom! After the event was over I had time to sit and reflect, and came to the following conclusion: the weariness of my limbs, the numb state of my mind, as well as the memories of all the kids’ bright eyes and smiles are all signs of another ELI event well done! We couldn’t have done it without our volunteers so once again, THANK YOU. GO TEAM!

**If you are interested in being a Jumpstart ELI volunteer, contact Nicole at**

Welcome New ELI Staff!

ELI would like to give a warm welcome to three new Jumpstart staff who will be working with our team: Annie Robinson, Katie Westbrook, and Nicole Sirivansanti! Annie and Katie join us from New York City, and Nicole from Japan. Among other duties, Annie will be publishing the weekly bulletin, Katie the newsletter, and Nicole this blog! Their added energy and skills will make the ELI team even stronger, helping us spread our message and positively impact early literacy in our community!

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