Thursday, June 28, 2007

We've entered the WWW!

Welcome to the blog site for Jumpstart SF's Early Literacy Initiative. We've decided to create this blog page as a way to further communicate with all our wonderful supporters through stories and NOW pictures! Also, we felt this blog was an excellent portal to keep everyone in the greater San Francisco community involved in all our activities, events, workshops, and the numerous other elements that make the ELI into such a dynamic force in the BayView Hunter's Point and Visitaction Valley neighborhoods. Finally, we hope you will continue to advocate for the initiative by continuing to read our semimonthly bulletins, which will now appear on our new blog and through your thoughtful words of encouragement.
We, at Jumpstart and the ELI, are passionate within the ECE community and we hope to maintain and build collaborations with the many other organizations, schools, and leaders for ECE.

Enjoy the site!

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